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Our digital transformation technology revolutionizes the way businesses are run. Today, businesses need to ensure customer satisfaction, obtain customer loyalty through value added services, increase revenue and use technological disruptions to their advantage.

LifeTech’s Digital Transformation help businesses to identify gaps and achieve some of these goals to increase efficiency and effectiveness in business work flows. Smart devices allow a more efficient method of doing business. Forms can be submitted in real-time from mobile devices to backend systems and sales processes can be sped up while workflow-driven application systems are deployed in a much shorter timeline. Enterprises can broadcast marketing messages to targeted customer segments, automate call-to-action processes, and measure the effectiveness through a metrics dashboard. The solution is designed to ensure that post- deployment maintenance has is automated, monitored, and measured.


LifeTech’s Digital Transformation is powered by EMAS™, which automatically generates Application Forms, Sign-up Forms or Agreement Forms into PDF copies, which can be sent as an email attachment and stored into a document repository. In addition to that, EMAS™ supports identification card reading, thumbprint verification, passport OCR (Optical Character Recognition), e-signature, geo-tagging and QR/barcode scanning. These paperless capabilities eliminate the cost of paper form printing, distribution, storage, retrieval and data entries.

Finally, customers can experience the joys of receiving a fast response after submitting their application forms online. Status enquiry can also be performed immediately. By using an enterprise integration, forms can be submitted in real-time from mobile devices to backend systems. Example of some backend systems that EMAS™ can connect to are Loan Origination Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP) Systems, Credit Bureaus, and Branch Delivery Systems.





  • Reduce the gap between customer’s initial interest and decision making
  • Connect with prospective customers who are nearby
  • Present sales pitch by going paperless using a smartphone or tablet in real-time
  • Submit customer’s details to the Head Quarters online instantly
  • Receive confirmation of service enrolment status and credit status within minutes
  • Convert a lead into a customer
  • Simplify customer identification (e.g. national ID, passport, driving license) reading by using an identification document reader (with options to support thumbprint verification) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology


This system architecture allows the capabilities of these important functions for your sales;

  • Mobile-Sales-Kit
  • Smart Proximity Sales Lead (Instant Request Matching)
  • Mobile-Forms
  • ID-Verification
  • e-Signatures
  • Auto-Generated-PDF-Contracts
  • Enterprise-Integration
  • Device-Integration
  • Analytics
  • Privacy-and-Security

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