Brand Protection & Dark Web Services

Cutting-edge threat intelligence to protect your brand.

Digital fraud and brand abuse can cause significant damage to an organizations reputation and consumer trust. Fraudulent behaviours come in the form of phishing, copyright and trademark infringement, intellectual property theft and corporate identity theft. LifeTech's 24x7 Global Security Incident Response provides professional brand monitoring services dedicated to tracking and removing phishing and malware sites, trademark infringements and fake social media profiles and mobile apps. Through our Brand Protection & Dark Web Services, we prevent cybercriminals from hijacking corporate brands to ensure integrity of your digital assets.

Brand Protection & Monitoring

Brand Monitoring is the first line of defence in the Threat Intelligence matrix and digital risk management strategy. LifeTech provides proprietary systems to monitor client brands and domains deep into the Internet and public facing web. Brand Monitoring systems use a range of keyword and image heuristics, signatures and hash detections, and also employs a range of unique propriety techniques.

The Global Security Incident Response will respond to a broad range of brand abuse and work with many third parties to resolve and take down cases of brand and intellectual property infringements. LifeTech provides a suite of brand monitoring solutions to protect clients from online brand abuse. We offer a suite of tools and solutions to keep your brand and corporation safe across all digital channels.

Dark Web Monitoring

Data Loss or Data Leakage can occur from a broad range of events, from compromised networks and endpoints, to unintentional information disclosure by corporate users or third parties. Compromised accounts, bank accounts, stolen credit card info also occurs from a large numbers of fraud types, ATM skimming, hacked third parties, malware and phishing attacks.

LifeTech incorporates a range of multi-layered services and analysis techniques to correlate data across a range of resources including the dark web. We have developed a range of trusted relationships, referrals, private listings and unique techniques to follow and track dark sites and providers to aid in data loss identification and recovery efforts. We help customers identify and recover, Compromised Bank Account Information, Cloned Credit Card Details; Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Customer / Employee data; Private / Sensitive Documents relating to the business; Hacking documents and tools; Leaked Source Code; Copyright / Trademark infringement; Technical Information / Data that could be used to target corporate systems.

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